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What makes the New SF the right choice?

You will be supporting a "REAL" company that has been in business 16 years, establishing itself as the benchmark for other companies in the aftermarket world. We are an established name in the aftermarket scene selling only the Top Tuners from Germany and Japan.

In 2000, the New ownership has merged with our German Based facility giving you the ultimate key to getting the Newest and Hottest products from Germany. Our new hi- tech inventory computer system helps our Newly staffed customer service department get the inside track of your order, arrival times of our containers, as well as offering you the best price. Service is our #1 goal.

We offer you the newest and "hottest" items first. Our German facility is always on the cutting edge with the top manufacturers finding you the coolest parts for your car. Many of the high end German tuners contact us for advice in the USA market. Letting them know what is hot and what is not. This relationship is apparent in the wide styling kits that we offer, and the changes seen in the sport compact market.

Our new customer service department is filled with a sales team that has a passion and desire for cars. They honestly care about our customers and they listen to what you have to say. Their mission is to help you get a quality part at a reasonable price and do all they can to make our customers happy. All of our customer reps drive enthusiast cars like your self. So you can always count on getting an experience rep on the phone. Not only do they drive the car, they have the products too!! Nothing helps our customers more than 1st hand advice. If that's not enough, then ask for the technical department. This new team of guru's has installed or has the knowledge you will need to help out with our products. And if they don't know, they will find you the answer as fast as possible.

Our computer aided shipping department has also been improved. We can now process twice the orders ever imagined while virtually ending any damage claims. Our new shipping team makes sure your box is double checked - packed correctly with the right parts, it is then fully insured and ready to arrive in a safe condition.

We are a true performance warehouse. Our new 32,000 sf facility is jam- packed with millions of dollars of accessories; we carry thousands of body styling parts in stock.

We have heard "horror stories" about other new and smaller companies, or web companies in Other countries that take your money and don't deliver the products. All of SF products are shipped within 24hrs. if they are out of stock, we take the time to call All our customers. Something many companies unfortunately do not do.

We are a true and honest company. Their are smaller companies and people who try to bad-mouth us on internet forums, or talk hearsay about our products not fitting, when they actually never even purchased from us. Or better yet talk bad about an SF product that we do not even make. We can honestly say that we have never once stooped to such a low business practice. Apparently these smaller business's must do everything they can to try to increase there business. You can easily see these inexperienced people, with thousands of posts on a forum, you often wonder how they have time to even run a business.

However, the True Enthusiast knows that the internet is not what it used to be, and you can not always believe everything you hear in a forum. We urge any customer who has a misconception or complaint about the former company or product to please contact us so we can talk with you and find a solution for you. Give us a call and talk with us ,We will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Remember SF is a new way of life, our sales team is dedicated to helping you get the look and performance you want. We understand that the customer is the most important thing in a business. If we wouldn't have listened to our customers, or improved from our mistakes, we wouldn't be in this market for over 16 years.

So give us a call, find out for yourself, the new SF is waiting to find the parts you are seeking..


John W.
Strictly Foreign Inc.

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